Arosis Greek Fava Beans 400g Bag

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These fava beans are grown in small family farms located around a gorgeous lake in Feneos, a town in Peloponnese, Greece. This fertile land produces these flavorful beans, which are among the most delicious, thin-skinned and easy to boil fava beans in the world. Farmers are hands-on every day with traditional farming techniques; it is no wonder this product's premium quality goes beyond anything mass produced you have ever tried. Arosis is proud to call these fava beans "their own" because they embody their philosophy: to always produce goods of value, the right way, at the right time. 

Arosis has had top quality and production practices since 1956

Visit to see how sophisticated agricultural practices are put into use with respect to the ecosystem and the people involved. 


Product Features

  • Proudly produced in Greece
  • Rich in dietary Fiber (150% DV)
  • Protein 39g per serving size 
  • Serving size 1 cup (150g) 
  • About 3 servings per bag
  • Check the recipe in the back of the paper
  • Most friendly disinfection system with no use of chemicals
  • Proudly produced in Greece


Product Cautions and Directions

  • Rinse well under cold water before cooking
  • Store in a clean and cool place
  • Avoid exposure to moisture and sunlight
  • Do not consume after expiration



  • 100% Greek fava beans