Eklekto Country Style Durum Wheat Flour 1kg

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Country Style flour from selected varieties of durum wheat grains. This flour is ideal for the traditional bread with the crunchy crust, and for making pasta at home. Bad storage conditions can lead to the forming of parasites in the product, before its expiration date. Please examine the product carefully before use.

Chalkidiki Flour Mills SA was founded in 1928 by the Evgeniou family, a family with a long tradition in the milling process of cereals, in the Northern part of Greece. For over 80 years the company has stayed true to its core product, and continued to grow and expand successfully in the flour market. The production facilities are located in Eleochoria, Chalkidiki, in Central Macedonia, Greece.  


Product Features

  • Ideal for breads
  • Product of Greece


Product Cautions and Directions 

  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Do not eat raw flour



  • Durum wheat flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid