Helios Orzo Golden Manestra 500g Bag

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Helios Orzo “Golden Manestra” is one of the most popular short pasta, known for classic greek recipes like the very tasty “Yiouvetsi” with red meat or seafood. Helios Greek Orzo guarantees a delicious, healthy and filling meal filled with fiber and energy.


Product Features

  • Approximately 5 servings per container
  • Contains 363 calories per serving
  • Preserve the product in a clean, cool and dry place


Product Cautions and Directions

  • In 5Lt of boilling water add 500g pasta, stirring occasionally
  • Recommended cooking time 18-19 minutes



  • Durum wheat semolina, water
  • It may contain traces of soya, egg and milk
  • It contains gluten