Jotis Wheat Cereal with Milk and Fruit 300g Can

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This wheat cereal with milk and fruit is an instant preparation that is appropriate for children older than 5 months of age.

Product Features

  • Comes with Jotis' quality guarantee
  • Contains 5 fruits (apple, pear, orange, bananas and apricot), as well as 11 vitamins and iron
  • Keep in a dry, cool place
  • Manufactured from carefully selected raw materials and is highly digestible
  • Prepared in compliance with EU laws regarding processed cereals and baby foods
  • Preparation instructions in English are included on the can
  • Product of Greece



  • Contains gluten
  • Contains milk and wheat



  • milk powder, wheat flour, sucrose, corn starch, demineralized whey powder, whey powder, prebiotics, dehydrated fruits (apple, pear, orange, bananas and apricot), pectine, lactose, glucose, flavorings (vanillin, orange, banana), vitamins, galactose, iron fumarate, sunflower lecithin