Kyknos Tomato Passata 500g Carton

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Kyknos Passata Tomato is a slightly concentrated tomato juice made out of top quality Greek tomatoes. Use it as a base for soups or pasta sauces for a delightful outcome. The tomato Passata can be mixed also in drinks and salads, or in the making of delicious pasta sauces and dressings. 


Established in 1915, KYKNOS is one of the most loved and recognized brands in Greece. A family owned company, famous for its canned tomato products, KYKNOS selects and packs tomatoes grown in the region of Peloponnese under strict quality specifications. 


Product Features

  • Serving size 2 tabsp (33g)
  • 15 servings per container
  • 25 calories per serving
  • No preservatives


Product Cautions and Directions

  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • After opening, keep refrigerated
  • Consume within 4 days, after opening



  • Slightly concentrated tomato juice (7% tomato solids min.)
  • Acidity regulator: citric acid (added when natural content in tomato is not sufficient)