Lihnari Small Charcoal 10g Roll

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Charcoal Briquettes are used with censers, incense burners and vigil lights. These Lihnari Original Charcoal Briquettes are of quick lighting and do not produce black thick smoke. The proper way to ignite a charcoal briquette is holding the flame underneath it; when the charcoal ignites for good, it will not go out and will keep burning. Add incense when charcoal glows. Each roll has 8 briquettes. 


Product Features

  • Contains 8 small charcoal tablets
  • 3 International Awards
  • Product of Greece


Product Cautions 

  • Be sure burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use
  • Keep away from flammable material
  • WARNING: protect them from humidity and high temperatures


Product Directions

  • Hold charcoal and light
  • As soon as sparking is evident place in burner
  • Add incense when charcoal glows



  • 100% Charcoal Briquettes