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Since the beginning of time, regardless of race or religion, people wanted to know their future and believed in the power of dreams, as signs for the future from God. There are many dreams that became movies, songs, or books or were prophecies of deaths, or accidents (like in the Bible), or studied by scientists like Karl Jung. These stories lead people to always have the wish to be able to explain their dreams, as an interpretation of future events. Onirokritis book is a collaboration of 3 authors, Artemidoros, Apolodoros and Zar Ugg Ganid and objects, verbs, people, professions, places, etc. are alphabetically indexed with a short explanation of what they mean in reality. Even if you do not believe in dreams, this book will provide a pleasureful reading whenever you have a dream, and, who knows, maybe your dreams will come true!


Product Features

  • 240 pages 
  • Book is in Greek 
  • Ideal gift for dreamers
  • Printed in Greece

Book Contents

  • Historical facts
  • Alphabetical dream interpretations