Lisko Bulgur Wheat High Fiber 500g Bag

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Lisko Bulgur Wheat High Fiber is a significant source of nutrients. It combines a healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet with taste. It can be used in many recipes like the “Bulgur Pilaf” and definitely in the popular “Tabbouleh” salad.

Product Features

  • 13% High Fiber
  • Source of Vitamins B2, B3, Iron, Magnesium & Phosphorus
  • Contains 320 calories per 100g
  • Preserve the product in a cool and dry place


Product Cautions and Directions

  • Bulgur can be used either raw or cooked
  • Soak it for 30-40' or boil it for 15-20'
  • Do not soak or boil bulgur too much because it will detract from its taste 



  • 100% Whole Wheat Bulgur