Tasty Foudounia Pack of 10 Bags

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$24.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Foudounia by Tasty Foods are a maize snack made with corn, peanuts and hazelnuts,  and they are considered one of the top snacks in Greece. Try this great snack as a quick-between-meals bite, its taste is addictive and you will consume the whole bag for sure!


Important, please read and consider before ordering:

Because of the fragile nature of this product and of its sensitive packaging, the following additional shipping precautions have been put in place:

  • Foudounia can only be ordered in a 5-pack or 10-pack orders. 
  • Each bag is individually placed in a clear plastic food-safe bag for extra protection in case the bag bursts open.
  • The product ships in a separate box with a fixed additional cost which is added to the cost of the rest of the order.
  • In the box no other product can/will be placed, for further protection in case there is shaking or impact shocks from transit. 

Even with the above mentioned precautions, product might break, or the bag might be pressured and open, but the risk is minimized and you will be able to enjoy your Foudounia. 


Product Features

  • Each bag has 125g - app. 4 portions
  • Corn Snack with peanut and hazelnut 
  • Baked in the oven
  • Product of Agios Stefanos, Greece

Product Caution and Directions

  • Contains nuts
  • Keep in a cool and dry place


  • Corn meal (52%), peanut paste (42%), palm oil, salt, hazelnut paste (0.9%)