Titan Pearled Wheat (Sitari gia Kolyva) 1lb Bag

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 Koliva, or kollyva is a boiled wheat dish served at the Greek Orthodox church for commemorations of the dead. When a person is deceased, certain liturgies are performed for the 3th day, 9th day, 40th day and year, after the persons passing, and koliva are passed out to people from relatives. According to the Greek Orthodox faith, these commemorations help the soul's trip from Earth to Heaven but nowadays they are mostly a Greek tradition, with the most distinctive feature, the koliva hand out. 


All recipes for koliva require prolonged preparation times, so make sure you have all the wheat and decorative silver koufeta available many days in advance.  



Product Features

  • Premium quality pearled wheat

Product Cautions and Directions

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Place in water overnight and boil until tender


  • 100% pearled wheat