Titan Silver Koufeto 18g box

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Silver confectionery koufeto for decorations on Greek Funeral and Memorial boiled wheat (koliva). Use the different shapes to create crosses, names, dates, and other decorations on your koliva platter. Although the components of the koufeto are safe to consume, consumption is not recommended due to their hard composition and unusual ingredients. 


Products are sold separately. Please choose your preferred silver koufeto shape. 


Shape/name - Dimensions - Approximate number of pieces in box 

1. Capsule/Macaroni - 2.1cm - 35 pieces app. 

2. Triangle/Triangle - 8mm - 25 pieces app.

3. Drop/Almond - 3mm - 35 pieces app. 

4. Circle/Lentil - 1cm - 35 pieces app.


Product Features 

  • Small quantity (app. 0.6 oz - app. 18g)
  • Made in Greece


Product Cautions and Directions

  • Consumption is not recommended 
  • Store in a cool and dry place 



  • Sugar, pasta, flour, Arabic gum, gelatin, seed oil, flavor, magnesium, silver